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See how your visitors are really experiencing your website, where they’re getting stuck and why they're getting frustrated.

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Watch a real-time, live feed of your visitors. See individual visitor's location and system stats and set alerts for important visitors.


See how your website is doing at-a-glance. Track your traffic trends, highlight problems and discover new opportunities.

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I have used Statcounter.com for many years. I wouldn't have a website without it. It's really easy to see the data and make decisions from it without having to be an expert.
Adam Curtis
With Statcounter, we don't have to dig for what we want to see, and that has enabled us to react quickly to problems and take advantage of opportunities we may have otherwise missed.
Chance Agrella
Freerange Stock
Statcounter gives us quick insights about our website that helps us increase our sales without the headache of trying to understand how analytics programs work.
Oscar Helm


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